Probably this, probably that

Friday, 27 November 2015

Been sitting all day in a focus group discussion about ASEAN in Surabaya, so fun and enriching. This meeting has given me so many ideas and knowledge about how diverse ASEAN Studies Centres are.

It's such an amazement that I got promoted to my position now, and surely I had no idea that I would get this privilege with a valuable experience working in ASEAN environment. Cool.

Getting Hitched 2015

Thursday, 19 November 2015

I cannot believe this is happening; I'm getting married.

I think God has written a pretty much perfect story of my life that He brought me down and up and down and up tp teach me lessons. I thought I was a quick learner, but when it comes to life lessons, I learn very slow.

Slow because I enjoy it. The hardships always come with greatness so far, and I cannot remember any day I didn't feel blessed and grateful because my life has been very amazing.

May my next life steps are nicer and more worth it, while myself is getting stronger and nicer facing anything in the future.
May Allah forgive my sins and let me live in assurance of His protection and guidance.