Jakarta, 30 Oktober 2014. 4.12 AM

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bangun dari tidur tanpa alarm, mendengar kumandang azan subuh, merasakan sejuknya udara pagi, mengetik catatan rasa syukur dan mengerjakan tugas-tugas duniawi.

Kadang kita bersyukur sama hal hal yang besar banget nilainya; sukses bekerja, menang lomba, dapet rezeki banyak, selamat dari maut, dan sebagainya.

Buat gue, satu kalimat paling atas di posting ini adalah hal yang paling gue syukurin seumur-umur dibanding semua nikmat Tuhan yang gue bisa inget. Manusia, banyakan ignorant-nya daripada conscious-nya. Manusia, banyakan ngerasa pinternya daripada kelemahan sebenernya. Manusia, banyakan ngeluhnya daripada senyumnya.

Semoga gue bukan golongan orang-orang yang selalu marah dan lupa sama anugerah. Semoga gue dijauhkan dari golongan orang-orang sombong yang merasa hebat dan lupa sama dosa.

Suatu pagi di bulan Oktober, Q3 tahun ini dan gue belum pernah merasa sebahagia sesederhana ini lagi sejak beberapa bulan lalu. Mungkin ini pagi terbaik dalam hidup gue, sebelum pagi pagi berikutnya yang harus gue syukuri nanti.

Jakarta, 30 Oktober 2014 - 4.17 AM

Is Ebola another Medical Commodity and Excuse?

Friday, 24 October 2014

Not a week after one US citizen's (a doctor) being tested positive for this disease, now WHO is doing some responsive claim; a vaccine.

Not to blame that Africans probably have weaker body immune, but learning that the cause of Ebola is actually detectable, therefore it's preventable, it takes so much of my concern that this illness issue is being a star in medical and health world that everyone's narrowing their eyes on this. It's like almost five times a day I read updates on my newsdeck mentioning "ebola". Okay, blame me not to subscribe to more sophisticated mews channel other than BBC and NYJ, but come on! If this is really that significant, could we just go primetime and announce massive claim about how preventable Ebola is?

I demand public announcement from relevant institutions, boards and organisations regarding this paranoid-aggresive exposure about one (maybe cureable) disease.

Please no further blaming or finger pointing on Africa or any other developing countries with political or economical issues colouring the perspective and thoughts.

Shit am I the one who's being racist now? I don't know, probably this is just an expressive note on how tiring it is to read about Ebola here Ebola there every day within the past two weeks. Sigh, get well soon, world!

Let's flip it over!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hello October!

Gosh it's almost mid-month and I have just started to write again. Hopefully this time is not too dull to share what has been crossing my mind lately. My students are going great and work is as hectic as always. Last month and this month are mental to me, I'm like physically drilled and mentally tested and psychologically tortured. Yet I sort of enjoy it, lol. So convinced I have the slightest level of Schizophrenia, not because of the movie or the book that I'm watching, but simply when my friends pointed out that I sometimes talk to myself. I thought this was normal until I read a bit more on the symptoms and they match my condition! HAHAHAHA it's the slightest level anyway, and even so, I see it from the good side; I must have certain extra-ability in my other skill. I just haven't figured it out yet. Maybe someone will point it out too to me very soon (hopefully).

I am attending a super cool midweek getaway this Wednesday; a relative's wedding in Solo!

The couple have booked me hotel, driver and facilities around the town during the event. I guess this is the time for me to have a quick escape from the craziness of daily work. I enjoy my life as much as I look forward to hopping into the plane and take off to somewhere far away from the capital.

Probably escaping to Singapore next month with my ex-students and have fun too! So cannot wait to go through the rest of these three months of the year-end!!!