Four Weeks of Unspeakable Truth

Saturday, 19 September 2015


I am super back as this weekend I'm spending sometime alone at home.
I don't know if there's actually still anyone checking out my blog, but I'll spill it here presumably because those who care, read.

It's my four weeks of unspeakable truth; new semester, new students, new life phase and new lessons learnt. I am so looking forward to another four weeks or more and more surprises life gives me. I think God works in a mysterious way simultaneously, and it keeps surprising me.

I am super lucky to be blessed and surrounded by amazing people, inspiring and supporting figures. Life wouldn't be this great without them around me.

Let's just say I'm getting older next week! My birthday's coming up!
I guess I have to grow up? But I know that's very tricky, I get to see reality and everybody knows reality hurts. However, whatever hurts me shall not kill me, and whatever does not kill me makes me stronger! So I'd just have my chin up and face the whole world with its sweet and hurtful reality.


Gojek, innovation and social jealousy.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Just Google "gojek indonesia" and you'll see my object for this post.

It is amazing to me how people create and innovate transport solution and alternatives these days. Aside from traffic, efficiency, as well as job field, Gojek is a massive phenomenon I drop my hats at.

I've been going around my head about the controversy, benefits, disadvantages and economical impact about this application and transport alternative. Say, drug trafficking, documents security, kidnapping kids, and today .... Social jealousy.

Ojek is an old profession in Jakarta and it has in so many aspects becoming people's hero. Yet, the modern-digitalised era 'force' people to shift from the conventional ojek into Gojek where everything is simpler, nicer, safer and reliable. Oh, cheaper too.

But then what happened to conventional ohek? Social jealousy.

There are those who actually aware pf how they should also adapt with this social change, applying as Gojek driver, registered themselves and revolute from conventional to intellectual transport provider. These people have experienced new level of being an ojek, and definitely creating new job opprtunities by easing people's needs of transport.

What about those who decides to stay as conventional ojek?
Some stay conventional by having loyal customers (which are naturally a customer, a king, a decision maker of opting out for better choice). Some start new strategy of keeping customers by lowering their tariff. Some become very jealous and brutal.

I totally can see why the conventionals are mad and jealous and then become barbaric. It's like their turf, then suddenly "a piece of technology" takes away their only income. Sadly instead of accepting the wild-smart competition, they tend to do impulsive action without further consideration that Gojek is just like them, making living.

Is it about the technology, unacceptable implications, or just the mentality?