Catatan Akhir Tahun

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

So you think I'd forget to post this yearly stuff? NOPE! Here we go!

Well, it's not a good start for a new year as I broke up with my 2 years relationship boyfriend; the one I thought was the one but turned out another one. It wasn't easy, I think it was even harder than I thought as I had to start over again with myself and the new goal in life, especially in romance. But I managed to handle the broken heart with activities and plans.

I had to cancel my short semester classes because I had to accompany my bro to Brisbane. Well well, hitung hitung okelah ya buat kabur dari patah hari ke Australi. It was a quick but fun trip with my bro, and of course another heartbreaking moment because I was leaving him alone in a 4 seasons country. I really wished God would protect him.

A new even semester!!! I had quite a lot classes like last semester but this one is manageable and enjoyable. My advisees were progressing nicely and I had such a great time advising them. My English classes remained the same yet I liked them. I also went to Singapore for another quick getaway with this guy Eqi. We spent quite a fun time in Universal Studio and I REALLY REALLY LIKED IT! Not only because he's a good company, but also because it was worth it afterall the breakup and the thinking for two about my ex. I got over him smoothly. I was also occupied by this Student League thingy with Research Club that I enjoyed so much.

I moved to a residence near my office to save time and money. It was a controversy for the family but it did save my energy a lot. Nothing much happened but my involvement in ASEAN Studies Centre activities and of course the loses of Man United. So down this time for my favourite team.

A highlight? I think only one thing I could remember this month; the moderator for ASEAN Coffee Break with Tourism Theme!! It was an honour to host and manage this session after a long struggle and harfwork. I think this is also the month that my paper was announced as finalist in a communication conference in Jogjakarta next October. Meaning I had to interview people to get the full paper done for the research. Another fresh start!

My first advisee had his thesis defense this year and he passed with satisfactory result! I felt so accomplished! I also got closer and closer to Eqi as getting new experience with new person always excites me. He is fun and all I can think of. I wanted to be with him most of the time because he is.... fun. And yet, Ramadhan is coming. I was sooooooooooo thrilled another fasting month came and I got the chance to enjoy this precious moment.

This summer, Iker Casillas left Real Madrid, his home team to Porto. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTING!!! I couldn't have any words to express how sad I was hearing the news and the story behind his resignation. I spent my Lebaran day at home without my little bro and it really felt incomplete. Eqi was leaving to SG to visit his family but we reunited on the month after.

Another new residence to take over as I need better space for myself and closer to my gym. Yes, I started working out at gym since March. It worked very well as I got many opportunities to try things out as my exercise; classes, sauna, personal trainer and so on. It was great to be in shape although my shape wasn't that bad. LOL. I had an exciting experience teaching National Heroism to international students! So cool right?! I also had another three English short semester classes that tired me a lot. but okay.

I turned 27 and Eqi proposed to me. Right after he's done with his defense, he came to my house and DID THE BIG THING to my parents and family. It was combo as my Student League decided to reconstruct the staff and the coordinators got expelled from the organisation. It was sad as I just started to enjoy myself working with amazing kids. But then yeah, life gives you lemons all the time and I had another big thing for the rest of the year; a marriage.

Not long after the proposal, Eqi's family came and talked to my parents and we set the date and everything. It was really hard I guess for my dad especially to realise the fact on his face that his only daughter is getting married. I understood, I guess. I mean I could Imagine. But this had to happen. We only have a month to prepare everything to tie the knot. You know what, during the preparation I had a quick another trip to Malaysia for MOTOGP experience! It was a first time but memorable one, I didn't like the event but the experience paid it all. This busy October was also decorated with my very first conference in Jogjakarta that I spent with my gracious bestie, we had sooo much fun with becak and the city!! GODSPEED!!!

MY WEDDING!!! This is probably the highlight of 2015. I'm getting married to a guy who's younger than me! SO EXCITING as I never thought nor expect Eqi was gonna be the one the one the one. But yeah, with this and that dramas, we went thru it nicely. I stayed in the house and I also went on with my introduction to mass communication subject yeay!! I finally had the chance to do this class and I was so keen about it. The students are nice and I like them.

Doh doh doh. I'm pregnant!!! This life is turning super quick I barely breathe! My honeymoon is going to be also a babymoon in my tummy and I couldn't be happier having the best attentive and loving husband as Eqi. So mature although he's younger than me, and I enjoy my marriage life because it turns out to be less worrying than I thought it was going to be. Bismillah, another year to go with a husband, a baby and a new life.

For more documentation you check out my Instagram or Tumblr.

I wish you all a happy new year!!!


Friday, 25 December 2015

I spend hours and days learning things that I haven't known my entire life.
Some of the reason is to make my loved one happy, by that I could be happy too.
Some of other reason is to just accomplish new achievements. I think I failed most of the times, if success is measured by how satisfied my surrounding is. But then I heard that success is not defined by how happy people around you might become. Success is when you've done your best no matter what the result is.
I think it's absurd. The measurement for success is of course how accomplished you are and how acknowledged is your success by those who can see. Otherwise, that's self - acclamation, and that is absurd. You are pretty because people call you so. Otherwise that's unreasonable bragging. You are success because people are aware how success you are and how much your success is relevant to their thought.
So from today, it is non-sense to say that people don't define your success or happiness. Of course they do. They are the one who set the standard, and you must live between their expectation and your ability. Yes, sometimes it means ignoring your own ego, it means forgetting your own desire, even sometimes it means abandoning your own wants.
Congrats and enjoy living in a dump called society.

Langit Sore Di Bulan Desember

Thursday, 24 December 2015

I'm pregnant. There, I said it.

Desember 2015 adalah mungkin Desember paling cantik seumur hidupku setelah kukira perjalanan ke Turki tahun lalu di waktu yang sama dengan mamaku. Tahun ini, aku merayakan Desember bersama suami dan jabang bayi. Rasanya beyond happy.

Aku selalu yakin nikmat Tuhan itu datangnya bertubi-tubi dan bentuknya berseri-seri. Seri Desember ini dimusuhin papa, masih, tapi ada nikmat lain dalam seri suami. Suamiku penyayang, kemungkinan besar karena jiwanya masih kekanakkan sehingga manja masih begitu terasa dari dirinya. Keuntungan buatku disayang saat hamil, keuntungan buat bayiku juga karena papanya penyayang walaupun perkasa.

Most of the times lately, kegiatanku makin sedikit tapi beratnya makin berat. Aku senang menjalaninya karena sepertinya Tuhan kasih nikmat berupa kuat. Setiap ke dokter aku selalu bersyukur aku menjaga diriku dari yang buruk, yaa meskipun satu dua bahaya masuk. Aku selalu bersyukur setiap dikasih lihat anakku dari USG, rasanya ingin segera jumpa.

Despite semua rasa yang harus kutahan dan ambisi yang harus terbatalkan, si anak bayi ini seperti memberikan spirit lain yang tetap membuatku semangat. Mungkin satu dua hal gagal dan terhalang karena keadaan dan tanggung jawab, tapi kemudian empat lima hal datang sebagai pelengkap dan ya kuanggap nikmat. Bahagia rasanya diberikan kesadaran untuk terus bersyukur dan berbaik sangka terhadap hidup. Bahagia rasanya dikelilingi orang-orang yang perhatian dan penuh kasih sayang, keluarga yang lengkap dan teman-teman yang sigap.

Aku nggak sabar ketemu bayiku dan memulai petualangan jadi seorang ibu. Aku nggak sabar menjalani malam-malam begadang dan suara tangisan bayi. Aku nggak sabar menyodorkan kameraku merekam kelucuan anakku berkembang dan belajar. Aku bahkan nggak sabar dengan drama suami istri atau keluarga yang katanya bikin sesak dada. Aku nggak sabar melihat dan merasakan babak baru dalam hidupku, dan inginku belajar tak terbendung ingin menjumpai hal lain lagi yang belum kurasa sebelumnya.

Tuhan, kuatkan aku, bayiku dan keluargaku.

Probably this, probably that

Friday, 27 November 2015

Been sitting all day in a focus group discussion about ASEAN in Surabaya, so fun and enriching. This meeting has given me so many ideas and knowledge about how diverse ASEAN Studies Centres are.

It's such an amazement that I got promoted to my position now, and surely I had no idea that I would get this privilege with a valuable experience working in ASEAN environment. Cool.

Getting Hitched 2015

Thursday, 19 November 2015

I cannot believe this is happening; I'm getting married.

I think God has written a pretty much perfect story of my life that He brought me down and up and down and up tp teach me lessons. I thought I was a quick learner, but when it comes to life lessons, I learn very slow.

Slow because I enjoy it. The hardships always come with greatness so far, and I cannot remember any day I didn't feel blessed and grateful because my life has been very amazing.

May my next life steps are nicer and more worth it, while myself is getting stronger and nicer facing anything in the future.
May Allah forgive my sins and let me live in assurance of His protection and guidance.


Life Event 2015.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Today, I went from being single to engaged.
To a guy 5 years younger than me.
After a few ups and downs.
We called it.

Today, I went from being a coward to a real fighter.

Jakarta, 20 October 2015.

This time, I refuse to give up

Thursday, 1 October 2015

I had once made mistake, I will not do it again. This is to another life test that I need to get through, and I wanna pass it so bad. So bad that nothing will stop me, and I will not give up.
Here is to another year that I will face, and another October that I'll go through relentlessly.
I will not give up. I'd die, but not giving up.

Four Weeks of Unspeakable Truth

Saturday, 19 September 2015


I am super back as this weekend I'm spending sometime alone at home.
I don't know if there's actually still anyone checking out my blog, but I'll spill it here presumably because those who care, read.

It's my four weeks of unspeakable truth; new semester, new students, new life phase and new lessons learnt. I am so looking forward to another four weeks or more and more surprises life gives me. I think God works in a mysterious way simultaneously, and it keeps surprising me.

I am super lucky to be blessed and surrounded by amazing people, inspiring and supporting figures. Life wouldn't be this great without them around me.

Let's just say I'm getting older next week! My birthday's coming up!
I guess I have to grow up? But I know that's very tricky, I get to see reality and everybody knows reality hurts. However, whatever hurts me shall not kill me, and whatever does not kill me makes me stronger! So I'd just have my chin up and face the whole world with its sweet and hurtful reality.


Gojek, innovation and social jealousy.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Just Google "gojek indonesia" and you'll see my object for this post.

It is amazing to me how people create and innovate transport solution and alternatives these days. Aside from traffic, efficiency, as well as job field, Gojek is a massive phenomenon I drop my hats at.

I've been going around my head about the controversy, benefits, disadvantages and economical impact about this application and transport alternative. Say, drug trafficking, documents security, kidnapping kids, and today .... Social jealousy.

Ojek is an old profession in Jakarta and it has in so many aspects becoming people's hero. Yet, the modern-digitalised era 'force' people to shift from the conventional ojek into Gojek where everything is simpler, nicer, safer and reliable. Oh, cheaper too.

But then what happened to conventional ohek? Social jealousy.

There are those who actually aware pf how they should also adapt with this social change, applying as Gojek driver, registered themselves and revolute from conventional to intellectual transport provider. These people have experienced new level of being an ojek, and definitely creating new job opprtunities by easing people's needs of transport.

What about those who decides to stay as conventional ojek?
Some stay conventional by having loyal customers (which are naturally a customer, a king, a decision maker of opting out for better choice). Some start new strategy of keeping customers by lowering their tariff. Some become very jealous and brutal.

I totally can see why the conventionals are mad and jealous and then become barbaric. It's like their turf, then suddenly "a piece of technology" takes away their only income. Sadly instead of accepting the wild-smart competition, they tend to do impulsive action without further consideration that Gojek is just like them, making living.

Is it about the technology, unacceptable implications, or just the mentality?

There's something about Eid, family and the feast,,

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Another Lebaran here at home after three years ago returning from England. This year is an awkward one as my littlest brother is not around. Not that we always hang out every takbiran night, but at least his presence completes me. He's away now and won't be celebrating the feast until Saturday as his region is a day away from ours.

This holy blissful night, I heard that my other bro found out something saddening. It breaks my heart into pieces inside although in the surface I still console him. I don't know what to do. I think it's what makes me very very sad. It's like last 2 years' event didn't make much different to this year no matter how impactful it was for us. I don't know, I wish God enlighten me in this matter, I have too much love and affection for my family.

My dad, he's not any usual dad. Ah, he's a real fighter. He thinks he failed so much that he wants his children to be successful. Too bad I think sometimes he's busy telling and wanting what he wants rather than showing us how to do it. He's always an inspiration for me, his soft heart and starry eyes are very comforting and he will always be the one for me whenever I need help. I just wish .....

My mom, she's a super mom. Very noisy, nosy and talkative. I think her loneliness makes her so, she's got no one to talk to as my dad doesn't talk much at all. Most of the times I want to stay with her always, but in reality.. you know how reality is. it bites. I hope she finds peace in what she's doing, she needs to calm herself down sometimes, and stop worrying things because she's already amazing.

My first lil bro. OH MY GOD. I think he's actually my twin. We grow up together that people mistaken our relationship, gross. He's so good at hiding emotions, but somehow I always know what he feels and how he reacts to things. He's strong, and lonely too. He's this stubborn bro who loves me secretly and very protective. He needs to keep up with life harder.

My very baby bro, he is away now. Pursuing his BA (or is ti B.Sc I cannot remember) in Brisbane. I missed him so bad now. I hope he's okay there as continuing this will only shed my tears.

This Eid... is just different. I am no longer with my ex boyfriend, my bro is not around, and my family is not concrete. May God strengthen me.

There is always something about Eid, family and the feast. It builds me some encouragement, massive comfort, home and love.

Save Private Past

Sunday, 12 July 2015

I think recently I have been sunk too deep in a thing called reality. I barely have time to write, no matter how much I want to. Ideas are bursting at times but I just could not. Pet-peeves.

So updating with my life, I am now taking charge still on many jobs. Additionally presenting events in school, and still, moving on from my last relationship.

A couple of tweets and DM came to me asking how I am holding up, I said I'm cool. It's not like I don't have my own remedy, but I came to realise that a happy life is a private life. So I'm keeping some happiness private, some sadness too. But all in all, we define our own pleasure and happiness, don't we?

This half year soon I will be travelling to some places, I really hope everything will work nicely and things aren't falling apart (too much).
ah shit writing mood can just swing easily lately.

Press Freedom and National Security

Saturday, 30 May 2015

All I'm saying is, if media have the right to tell the public and play their role to inform, educate, entertain and persuade, it is merely justifiable to expose what they see on their field job. However, some countries insist to have limitations for media freedom to cover and tell only good things about the government.

I'd just refer back to the classic contradictory debate. Utilitarian media, controlled and monitored closely by the government create a press practice that's guided and not free. The result is national comfort. No watchdog to promote critics, no views to explore improvements, neither a tool and power to gain collective agreement on law enforcement. Assuming that no bad thing happens in a country (very unlikely) but is good news everything people want to see? Aren't humans craving sensations and change? Here, press limitation and regulation should be reconsidered.

On the other hand, l strongly suggest careful control and freedom for liberalitarian sort of media system. People can really (and have) overuse their what-so-called-right to justify their actions even when it comes to breaking another rights. The media, per se, their strongest shield is public sphere where opinions are gathered, and triggered, obviously. These opinions, are in times the driver, and other times a result of what media tell. Provocation, for instance, is the modest form of press freedom result. Let alone within a society that receives less education and only a little media literacy skill (if it has ever defined as one).

Law? Legal? Media regulation?
Press Council.
This independent organisation is the benchmark of media practice in a country, and with the correspondence and cooperation with government, as well as non-profit social organisation to make sure both sides are catered and protected.

Cie dewan pers wkwkwk

Let's just say

Friday, 29 May 2015

I live for another half of my age now. 52.
I have survived high school, the craziness of college years, the struggle of working under pressure, the prestigious masters degree, a merit title, a decent job, a dozen of exes, Harry Potter evolution, Steve Jobs death, the immaculate study experience, and an hour sitting with butter beer, a cute guy and feminism popularity.

Another 26 years of my live, might as well another cycle of life and love. Perhaps an achievement, perhaps my parents satisfactory comment of my life choice, or a few friends who stay.

The remaining hours I have in this life, well hypothetically, if I knew, would be the best remaining hours I would spend. I don't know, making stupid decisions, taking wrong paths, being good to strangers, slapping self in public, giving more to the needy, and probably playing more games on my phone.

For the past five months, I have learnt loads of stuff about how to survive life crisis and mental disorder problem, not to mention the heartbroken healing progress. You know, it's never hard for a girl like me to disguise what I hide. It takes extra careful attention and certain nights out and in together to tell me if there's anything wrong with my mood, my eyes or why my smile isn't sincere enough for a cheerful day.

It takes bigger heart than ever to swing harder.
I flap my wings wide enough to get me to a comfortable altitude, a better view, and bigger vision and a wider wisdom.

It takes you to keep me sane, between this senseless surroundings and all the life ridicule.

Four Months Away From .... Blindness

Friday, 22 May 2015

So it's been four months since my last break up.
It feels... indescribable.
Another time it is like relief, happy and glad at the same time.
One morning I could actually look back to Summer and Winter break I spent the year before.
Mostly it is suffocating to realise how much I have wasted in vain.
Currently living the present where everything is like a dream come true.
With the shake down and awakenings though, but still worth it.
I live my dreams everyday and everything goes very smooth.
I have moved on
Despite the pain and memories that keep playing in my head, I have moved on.
I have moved on to a more beautiful reality.

These days are like gift God's gave me. And I am much more grateful than ever.

Such A Productive Saturday Night

Saturday, 28 March 2015

I gazed through some social media studies articles and journals and came to a few thoughts. The new media has overtaken the world by its massively fast power and speedy reach through so many people and places. I also noticed (roughly counted) that there are more capture screen of tweets displayed in telly and more tweets are read out on radio channels than how many television shows' and radio streaming links are posted on Twitter. This signifies that the world is keen to receive information and spread news (and thoughts) via something ultra-quick and massively (or privately) conveyed and accessed.

Television today, not only flooding the society with dramatic tears in reality show and talent show, but also ownership and conglomerates' fights between channels and political interest. I am confident to say that the education role of television, presently, is only 10 to 15%, while the rest is entertainment and commercialisation of human interests and business minded. Either the programme, the advertisements, or the news, a very little amount of education and useful information is outweighed by the propaganda and consumerism drive. It's like all topic and life aspect are inevitably exploited into a commercial purpose. Even the education and information parts in television are visibly utilised as a product placement or promotion, either commercial, industrial, ideological, as well as political. Hence, telly is no longer my option in refreshing my blunt head and thirst of knowledge.

I too. Tweeting and Tumblr-ing is so much easier and more desirable for me once I have a snap thought about something, or just to report what I have in my sight in any particular moment. Not to mention that some telly stations are now enabling and encouraging citizen journalism to take part of their humanitarian mission and sharing-the-knowledge to wider public, I still find it a bit effortful and inefficient to actually send my live video of accident, a public violence or a law-breaking by authorities to a television whose owner is one of the police's friend's and/or reporter is dating or marrying one of the politicians involved in particular crime, etc. In short, it is just more instantly to post something via online, especially social media. In fact, now televisions and radios are running their own Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep up with public's neediness of information and entertainment.

Today, there is this crazy little thing called Path. In the place where I live, Indonesia (focusing in the Capital), we are surrounded by critical (and sometimes idiotic) people who misuse and abused the importance of private social media like Path. It was initially only for 150 friends to share your path with, but then I am lack of real reason why it has expanded and increased friend-limit into 500 now. I am not going to elaborate and name cases by cases appeared since the privatisation number of Path friends was misused, but what I am pointing at is how people are so dependant to social media now that the first thing they check in the morning when they open their eyes is their social media feed.

This is not crazy compared to how my parents were not actually turning on their telly when they woke up those days in the past. I came to think if it's actually them who weren't so into media and were not enthusiast about finding new information and watching news, OR is it us nowadays who aren't aware the real human touch and direct interaction is also important things to do? Was it them who hasn't got any easier access to handy media like today, OR is "what's going on in the world today" the most wanted thing in our head? Has the media changed function from source-of-information and became "my everything", OR distance humans and events are more important to us rather than our-own real personal problems?

I learnt that many revolutions, moments, activities and movements, world's moments, national issues, economic and business matters are discussed and involving so much of new media; both the utilisation and the manifestation, both the propaganda and collecting common perspective about something. It is a massive topic, too much to discuss in one single writing, but always interesting even in the closest occurrence about how new media has affected many things in our life aspect. Our selection of food and fashion, our daily journey, our psychological remedy, our political views, our religious beliefs, and almost everything is accessible via social media. Is this a good thing? Or everything is going back to "it depends"? Will there be any proved theory that humans are now actually controlled by the media and distant influence rather be the ones who control the media and a determinant entity of what should and should not happen in this world?

I believe the former.

Life is ....

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Amazing sometimes and annoying most of the times.
Times like now, when my eyes aren't so friendly to read journals nor write any essay, the universe is dragging me to blog a post, uh, I mean to post a blog after my brain accidentally click the blog feed and reminded me that the last post I made was one month ago.

I mean, one month ago? Have I been that unproductive and too carried away by the fact that life is changing drastically now for me?
Well I have moved in to a new place, I moved out from my far far away house and start a new living as a single fighter but not alone. SO FUN! But of course I miss home like always.
My job is .... stagnan, I still enjoy teaching and all the things that come after, activities, research, etc. SUPER TIRING but fun!

I get to meet new people, having new experience, seeing new things and exploring new places. Life is amazing sometimes and mostly annoying because I am financially struggling. Not a big problem, I mean I don't shop a lot, I have changed (tragically) from an impulsive consumer into a normative well-spender. Well, when one door is closed, a thousand windows are opened, I believe.

Let's see where this Q2 roller-coaster take me.


Sunday, 1 February 2015

"Don't worry about hard times, because some of the most beautiful things we have in life come from changes or mistakes." Cendera Rizky (2015)

Here is to another break-up victim, a friend of mine who is now destroyed by his own belief and feelings. You are not alone in this, and always remember that:

when you have a beautiful life ahead, your past becomes irrelevant and your present is the most thing that matters. Therefore chin up and be brave to face the reality. It might bite but you are stronger than you thought.

Let this beautiful month bring you happiness, joy and wealth. You would not know how precious you are until your loved ones regret losing you.

Nothing is Sexier than Typing in the Dark

Saturday, 31 January 2015

...after the tears dried.
...seeing the most beautiful smile in your life
...looking up to another new day
and wishing that the past would not hurt you anymore.

The technical confusion about a break-up.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

So with the current issue, I have this confusion in my head about how to act and what to do after a break-up.

1. If you happen to share an account of cinema membership, do you change the details or your ex does it? How about the remaining balance in that card? Who claims it? Do you refund the money?

2. Do you wait for your ex to change the Facebook status first from being in a relationship to become single? Or you initiate the change?

3. What do you say to people who adore your lovestory and ask you why you broke up? Do you frame your ex into a bad figure or you just admit that it's your fault? Or ignore?

4. If you miss your ex, like for example the way they say hi or just checking out how you're doing, should you ask your ex first without considering that's going to contradict the fact that a break up means no more strings attached? If you finally decide to do it, how to make it not look like you're desperate of wanting to be together again?

5. Let's say your ex doesn't tell many people around them that you have broken up. Suddenly a friend of your ex said hi and invited you to come to a party. Would you be the one who tells them that you are no longer in a relationship with their friend?

6. With the same context in no.5, what if your ex's parents (who you know like you) text you and ask how you doing and invite you to an event? Do you consult your ex first asking what to say?

7. Your close friends know your side story, they're trying to fix you up with someone new. Would you dumbly refuse and say you want to be single for a while because you still aren't over your ex yet? Or you're actually keen to meet new people for the sake of refreshment and consolidation?

8. As a social media user, there are a few times you are tempted to post what you're feeling. How to express that you miss the memories you've had (not the person) without making an impression that you are desperate and really broken about the relationship itself? Or are yiu just shutting down and being silent at all?

9. There's one time your ex texted you saying hi and just chatting about stuff. Do you respond cold no matter how bad you actually want the same thing? Or you just act sweet and go cheesy all the way to try to win your ex's heart back?

10. How to stop doing small habits that you are comfortable with when you were still together with your ex? For example, telling funny things happened in your office, or funny pictures in 9gag, or just simply a new movie trailer you two have been wanting to watch?

Revolusi Mental Naik Angkot

Friday, 9 January 2015

Sebagai alternatif transportasi umum yang terjangkau dan cenderung lebih mudah diakses, angkot tentunya jadi andalan banyak orang, terutama di Jakarta. Gue pribadi cinta banget sama kemudahan dan akses naik angkot yang memang super murah dan gampang karena lewat depan gang rumah dan langsung menuju ke terminal utama; Pulo Gadung.

Yang belakangan jadi pet-hates gue adalah: mental para penumpang yang malas dan individualis serta berpikiran sempit. Gue paham, tujuan orang naik angkot pada umumnya sama kok; gampang, murah dan gak jalan jauh dari tujuan maupun rumah. Sama, gue juga mikir gitu.

Pet hates gue adalah ketika seorang penumpang turun di satu titik, selalu ada penumpang lain yang sebenernya titik tujuannya deket dari tempat si penumpang pertama berhenti. Ngeselinnya, dia memilih untuk nggak turun, dan sang supir yang baru naikin perseneling dari gigi 1 ke gigi 2 karena mau nambah kecepatan harus dihambat sama suara "kiri bang" dari orang yang sbenernya tadi bisa berhenti bareng sama penumpang pertama.

For social reason, itu BIKIN MACET karena si angkot harus berhenti berkali kali dalam radius ratusan (bahkan puluhan) meter untuk nurunin satu orang  penumpang. Not to mention that itu memperpanjang durasi perjalanan penumpang lain yang akan turun di destinasi berikutnya. Come on, itu kendaraan umum for more than one person loh, be considerate and kalo mau premium service sampe depan rumah karena males jalan; TAKE TAXI!

For corporate reason, ini yang suka nggak kepikiran sama penumpang, yaitu BOROS BENSIN DAN MEMBUAT KAMPAS REM MOBIL AUS, karena berkali kali berhenti dan kalo kenyamanan di angkot berkurang, yang   adalah si penumpang lagi. Kasian kan supir yang harusnya bisa kejar setoran atau punya uang simpanan ternyata harus spend more untuk maintenance angkot mereka. 

For mental reason, ayolah, seratus dua ratus meter nggak akan bikin kita mati kok kecuali kalo kita emang bawa 18 kwintal beban dari pasar induk. Jalan kaki kan sehat, apalagi kalo cuma deket jaraknya, nggak ada alesan capek untuk orang sehat yang sebenernya mau ngalah ikut turun di titik berhenti angkot yang deket dengan tujuan dia berhenti.

I think these people are being inconsiderate, selfish, spoiled and ignorant to care about such things. Kalo yang penting murah cepet dan enak nggak diimbangin dengan mental simpati dan semangat mengalah, sama aja dong kita dengan para princess yang kita cela karena being manja, mbermewah-mewahan dan males bergerak dengan berbagai excuse.

Afterwork Thought.

I got off from work early today just to assist my brother finding a gift for his bae. Thinking that giving a present for a girlfriend is hard, so you need a trustworthy, credible help from someone. Just how thoughtful my bro is to choose me to help him because he wants the best for his girlfriend. I think what I'm doing is cool.

Until a stupid random shit overcross my head thought that "I wish I had such thoughtful boyfriend" and I just gazed away from myself. As usual, I'm just being silly.

Despite Their Billion Dollars Income

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Today I went crazy about a really random (but important!) thought. Honestly I'm lazy to retype it here, so I'd just copy it from my chat with my friend and modify it (I swear I'll modify things! I'm not that lazy!)

You know the tradition of football players trading their shirts with the players from other team that they play against. This is massive ridicule to me.

Kamu tau kan gaji pemain bola itu gede.  Kenapa masih pada norak minta jersey pemain lawan sih kalo mereka bisa beli sendiri? Masih banyak fans kere di luar sana seperti aku yg lebih pantas mendapatkan bekas keringet ryan giggs dan karim benzema dan cristiano ronaldo dan matt hummels dan toni kroos dll dll.

At this point my friend replied me "bukan masalah gajinya, tapi chance ketemu pemain idola mereka..."

Aku masih ngga ngerti tuh kenapa mereka berbuat demikian. Aku ngga ngerti. They could have bought the brand new one yg ga bekas keringet bahkan bisa minta ttd langsung kalo ketemu di players tunnel atau locker room abis match gitu PLIS! 

If they keep doing so, they better give me their money rather than wasting it nowhere. I mean, they can get original players' kit for free, I bet they can get ANYTHING ELSE free too if they ask. They are superstar! They don't need money! 

Mending Kasih aja duitnya skalian ke aku biar bisa aku naikin haji mak ijah dan tukang bubur. Skalian tukang ketoprak deket rumahku aku naikin haji! 

Okay that's all. Don't bother correcting me or telling me why. I completely understand the value, symbol and phylosophy of why. Lol. I'm just being random.