Thursday, 23 May 2013

So apparently people are still posting stuff about traffic jam, their hatred and faved, love and affection, politics, social life and other pretentious things. I wonder if they ever felt actually what they were tweeting. 

I myself rarely tweeting lately. Not that I'm ultra busy or ignorant to social media. I just hardly find my expectation fulfilled all along by expressing in social media. 

Came to think that I've met some people who always get what they want, or they think that things must go according to their way, or their preferences, or at least their ability to accept the extent to what things might go the other way around.

These people, I wonder if they ever feel sad, not because they don't get what they want. But because it is very hard for them so feel grateful or even to realise of what they've had. It's sad to me when you can't see good things around you and keep complaining and demanding about unreachable wish instead. It's just sad. Just because you always get what you want, doesn't mean you will be like that forever.

Well, at least that's what I've seen in Twitter lately. I might be completely wrong, but that's what I've been implied with, mates.

Every evening. Every you. (part four)

Monday, 13 May 2013

1 March 2013

The mall was so crowded that Lila's shopping bag hit someone near the escalator. She turned around and recognised the face in front of her.

"No way!" Lila almost screamed seeing Tom again with his new haricut
"Hey! What a coincidence! What's up?" Tom grinned very happily
"How are you? How can we meet so often, has this world shrunk or what?" Lila fixed her grab on the bags
"I don't know, the universe loves me for letting me meeting you so... often?" They both were smiling when suddenly Tom realised one of the shopping bag that Lila carried had "DEBRA" logo on it.
"Debra? You just shopped there?"
"Yeah, Deb's my new fashion stylist, so she reccommend me...."
"Wait, what? Your stylist? She lives next to my place! We're good friends!"
"You live in Orchard Block too?"
"Yeah, we just moved there last year, my mom wanted to live nearby to her office in Whitechapel as she's quite old but she loves her job so much that by keep working is the only thing that stops her feeling old at all"
"Whitechapel? Your mom's an accountant?" Lila stopped grinning for a while, shocked/
"She is! Why does that shock you?" Tom wondered about Lila's reaction
"Nothing, I've worked in Whitechapel once last year, an intern, but I didn't continue."
"Amazing! I wonder why Deb never told me she has a cute friend like you. I could ask her later, but that would be very inappropriate. Oh, this is unfair, you've met my dad, know my mom's an accountant and befriend with my neighbour but all I saw was your Andy brother and... Oh yeah, I don't even know where you work.." Tom reminiscing his previous meetings with Lila in many places.

"Lila!!! Here you are!" suddenly a loud voice disrupted their chit chat.
"Hey, Lex! Meet Tom here! Tom, Lex!" Lila introduced both
"I'm Lila's cousin. Nice to meet you!" Lex smiled properly and signed Lila to move on as they still had many things to buy there.
"So, see you around, Lil?" Tom understood the sign and let them go
"Bye now!" Lila moved away without any further talk to Lex nor Tom.

-to be continued-

Every evening. Every you. (part three)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

20 February 2013

A fair sunny day along the city market and Lila was looking for a perfect flower for her boyfriend.

"You're here.. You're everywhere! Good Lord!" Lila was shocked really seeing a figure she's been coincidentally meeting recently everywhere near flower baskets inside the store.
"No, this store's my dad's. You're stalking me, I must say" a naughty smile added Tom's charisma.
"Oh, what? No!" Lila blushed accordingly, her smile shimmered by the sun from the front window of that florist store. They laughed together at how coincident their lives are.
"I wish I could tell you about my dad earlier if you would've accept my coffee talk that evening" Tom remind her of his last week's proposal to her.
"Well, I guess we don't need that coffee talk anymore right now that I knew that your dad owns this florist" Lila responded diplomatically and Tom couldn't help to frowned his face towards Lila answer.

"Anyway, I'm looking for something special. You probably can help me now, or I'd better go to your father about flowe?"
"No, please, let me help. What kind of flower? For who? What occasion?" Tom was enthusiastic showing around the front flower stall to Lila.
"Umm, so my boyfriend's coming home tomorrow from a long business trip. I'm expecting a bouquet maybe, or you have any idea?"
"Ooh, it really depends......"

-to be continued-

Every evening. Every you. (part two)

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

8 February 2013.

It was a fair afternoon and Lila stopped by in a coffee shop for a sip.

"Lila?" Tom's voice shocked her for a bit during the wait in the counter
"Oh, hi! You! Are you stalking me?" Lila still remembered the last persistent effort of Tom trying to go out with her
"What?", Tom almost chocked, "this is my favourite coffee shop, I am a regular"
"Grande Americano, Tom!" a barista voice distracted their conversation
"Are you stalking me?" Tom smiled knowingly seeing Lila's blushing cheeks.
"Oh, no. haha. I'm just..waiting for my brother grabbed some books there" Lila rolled her eyes to the bookstore where they first met. Rightaway she saw her brother came out of the bookstore carrying two big bags towards the coffee shop, "and here he is."
"Hi! It was a massive line that I almost fainted." Toby sighed and sat on the comfortable chair near the window. He smiled at Tom, raising his hand and spontaneously greeted "Hi, I'm Toby"
"Tom. Nice to meet you." Tom grinned without caring Lila's suspicious eyes to both of them.
"Shall we leave now, Tob?" Lila looked inconveniently seeing how her baby brother was too nice to a stranger like Tom
"Oh, really? At least let me stretch out my legs first, please?" He grabbed his sister's iced coffee and sip it enthusiastically and stare at the clumsy Lila who finally sat down across him. Followed by Tom, "May I join you guys?"
"No" "Sure" Lila and Toby answered quickly at the same time, "Lila, why are you so rude?"
"We need to leave, soon, brother!" Lila sent Toby a meaningful stare and Toby understood.
"Okay, let's leave now" Toby shrugged of his shoulders and lifted the big bags filled with books again.
"You sure you don't need a hand there, boy?" Tom was still getting both Lila and Toby's attention, putting down his Americano and stood up light-handedly
"We're okay, Tom. Thanks!" Lila grabbed one less bigger bag from Toby, "our car will be here soon. Oh, there it is!" She rushed Toby too to get out of the coffee shop and smiled to Tom.
Tom helped out holding the doors for them and he let Lila go again, that afternoon.

Every evening. Every you. (part one)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

1 February 2013

The book store wasn't too crowded. Lila was strolling around the classic shelf when suddenly a taller guy came approaching her, and greeting "can I help you?"
"Oh, do you work here?" Lila took a glance over his distinctive shirt, unlikely a storekeeper.
"Umm, no. I just like offering help to a cute girl"
"Oh, haha, that's a rare pick up. And thanks. But, no I'm just looking around." Lila smiled formally
"Is it crazy if I ask you out for a coffee after this?" He leaned against the shelf without being nervous
"What? Hahaha.." Laila was clumsy for a second, "I'm sorry but I have a boyfriend"
"Hey I'm not asking you to be my date. It's just an evening book talk in the coffee shop across this store" he pointed a small coffee shop in the corner of the street.
"But.. I'm not buying any book"
"That's okay, we can talk about this book that I just bought" he paused, improvising and raised a novel, "if you're interested"
"That's it! I'm afraid I'm gonna be interested with the book..." Lila paused "and in you" she blushed.
"That's normal if you're interested with the people who you feel connected with" he responded with a grin
"I'm afraid my boyfriend's not gonna like it. I'm flattered but sorry, no" Lila was still smiling heedlessly
"Oh, okay then. I'm Tom, by the way. Is that okay to know your name, at least?" He raised his hand and waited for Lila to respond, "my name is Lila"
"Well Lila, I guess I'll see you around!" He waived his hand and moved away to the cashier.

-to be continued-