Turning 26 and it feels...

Sunday, 28 September 2014


I mean what's more beautiful than;
1. waking up to a peaceful subuh time,
2. a kiss on the cheek from a proud mom
3. a phone call from a distant boyfriend who wasn't able to spend the day
4. a surprise from enthusiastic students
5. birthday wishes from office mates and colleagues
6. sweet caramel cake from so called secret admirers
7. gifts and gifts and hugs from friends
8. dinner with those 'secret admirers' who turned out to be the bff of the past three years
9. go home and another surprise cake from brothers
10. being alive and so thankful to God


being aware that life is more than chasing dreams and turning imaginations into reality; but also appreciating and enjoying what I have been blessed with.

A thoughtful boyfriend, sweet family, warm best friends and joyful students. Such a perfect combination to cure the last week pain and definitely another reason to survive the hard days on the year ahead.

Last Year

Friday, 12 September 2014

I fell in love with your skate shoes, your old guitar and you messy hair. It was a sunny day in the old canteen of our campus, you were with your three friends laughing over a comic book that I'd never understand. I always smiled effortlessly because every facial expression you made was the funniest to me.

I fell in love with your clumsiness each time you came late to our Statistic class. I fell in love with how persistent you were with your habit of drinking white milk every morning before the class.

I fell in love with you when you finally noticed me, letting me lending you my notes on Statistic subject as it was the one you hated the most. And I fell in love with the way you say "thank you, can I buy you a drink some time?" when you returned my book.

I fell in love with you when you let me pay the drink and be honest that you forgot to bring your wallet. I fell in love with your way scratched your back hair when you feel guilty or shy. I fell in love with your honesty, although sometimes it drove me crazy.

I fell in love with every single sketch you made on my hand when I was seriously typing my final report on every subject. I fell in love knowing that every sketch you made was about buildings and skate figures, sometimes names of people that I didn't know.

I fell in love when you chose to rest your head on my lap rather than on a blanket that I brought when we did that silly camping date. I fell in love with the way you gave up your jacket for me when it was raining after school.

I fell in love on how you joke about my face and sometimes you acted like you didn't care. I fell in love with the way you made me feel loved without saying it. I fell in love with you last year.

I am still falling now. The gravity seems to love me so much that it wouldn't let me go up from falling for you. And I somehow love to fall in love with you.