Oh dear Gaza

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A simple thought on Gaza conflict and its mediation. Currently UN has agreed to once again let Egypt act as the mediator of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. Many scholars and analysts are concerned that maybe Egypt isn't the lost effective party. Not only because it hasn't presented any significant result during the mediation per se, but also the contributing factor such as politic and military status quo where Egypt will benefit so much from either Israel or/and Hamas. 

Qatar, on the other hand is THEORETICALLY potential and seems to become a satisfying mediator for this conflict. Qatar is considerably not allied in any course either with Israel or Hamas or Palestine as a whole. However, learning that Qatar is always a country with such beneficial and strategical multinational relationship with other countries (especially neighbourhood of the Gulf), this country is TECHNICALLY not going to risk any military or politically loss within the mediation process.

I don't know. This is just my opinion anyway. But I believe that if Qatar ('s government) and UN have agreed to take over the mediation task of Israel-Palestine conflict, I really hope the tactic they're planning (with beneficial and profitable accountability of themselves) is worth the result of the mediation.

I don't naively hope it's gonna be some sort of peace treaty or something beautiful or happy ending, but certainly I wish a more profound result like fairness, equality and further safety impact for both sides of the conflicted party, as well as other countries that have claimed (or accused) tp be the alliances of the fighting parties. Amen.

PS: as always, I'm a dumbass who tries to see things from shallow point of view. Please judge me :D

People and the Media

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Let's go back for a while to my weeks and nights in Edward Boyle and Brotherton library in Leeds. I hate myself for not remembering the names that I have quoted when I wrote analysis and critics towards the new media. But here is the thing, what happened to the media and people today are getting more and more uncontrollable and that the freedom of the information access is now inevitably super widen. I came to a thought where the people are obliged AND MUST understand how influential media are nowadays. To comprehend how the media work and how they contribute an impact to wide society, people then need to filter any information they are meaning to disseminate or retrieve. In short, you may read anything that you want; wrong, false, stupid, annoying, funny or brilliant content in media BUT to forward it and give any thoughts or concern about it IN PUBLIC requires bigger responsibility hence further consideration is necessary.

There are three types of reader and forwarder; the impulsive, the analyst, and the ignorant. The first type are those who are still laughing to a picture that they're looking at 9gag while they press the "repost this" button and let the people who follow them (not necessarily "friends" like in Facebook) see the same picture and careless about their interpretation towards it. The second one, rather careful than the first one, is them who mind to re-check the validity and reliability of the media content that they're reading before reposting it. Yes, it takes several scenario and assumptions inside their head before displaying their thoughts upon one matter, wise? Not really, because again, it is not merely senders' role to perceive and interpreted the message that they deliver. The last one, mostly is this group of people who think that "people are stupid" so why bother spreading things that public may not understand or even misuse them. They are a level higher than the analyst, but they don't bother to share anything because their main objective is to enrich their own knowledge and perspective. 

From these three types, the latter seems he safest and the best way to respond to information. But what if everyone IS ON THIS LEVEL? A mess, isn't it? Silence is not the answer since some people are willing, and obliged to report something. Again, this is contextual to what extent is the information that needed to be shared and reported? To what purpose is a news being broadcasted? Complicated.

Beyond the complexity of news, and information dissemination an distribution, I would like to reiterate the role of receiver, the people in viewing the information they are reading. It is necessary to acknowledge and re-think about what we read or watch, moreover how much would we really want and will re-post it to wider receiver? I believe it doesn't take a genius to know that disturbing pictures like war victims, rapist and open wounds of people with disease are INAPPROPRIATE to be viewed by anyone unless for certain reason. Rumors and provocative postings about racism and violence are neither a good topic to be laughed at among your peers, and so on.

So from now on, let's use our logic and a little bit of sympathy to think twice(or thrice) before reposting any inappropriate and untrue information, anywhere, especially our social media accounts. Information are there to be viewed, use accordingly and spread responsibly, be wise and happy surfing!



Saturday, 23 August 2014

Inhale exhale.
That was the only two-words medicine that God gave me when I came to Him last week. After pouring all my problems, sadness and concerns, God gave me Yoga.

At first, it was sour and bitter at the same time, weird I guess. Fortunately my body is familiar with the compound and can adapt easily. I consume the medicine quite regularly; He did not set up the exact time or moment like usual medication, so I just do it when I feel it's necessary.

The vocabulary is "yummy" and I deliberately feel the stretch of my natural body movement and my soul, mood and flexibility are changing as I keep on consuming Yoga. It feels so greeeaatt!

I really hope this medication will help me out with relaxation and I will recover pretty soon.

I will recover very quick. And I will be just fine.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

I fell from uphill, the view was too beautiful I thought that I did step too close to the edge of the hill. And I fell.

When I was up there, I was wondering how beautiful it was actually to be part of the beauty that I witnessed. I was also wondering how blissful it is to be a part of the scenery that I saw from above.

Then I just fell. It was a long fall that in the middle of it, I managed to think of what will happen to me when I land? Will I die? Will I break any ankle or bones? Will I infinitely relieved? Will I land successfully with my both feet? Will I continue running that sweet beautiful land? Will I regret falling down?

I fell anyway.
I hurt both my arms and my ribs.
But looking at the scenery that surrounded me, I knew I will recover quickly.
And I will be just fine.