Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Udah sepuluh bulan saya di Leeds, jauh dari rumah dan keluarga.
Kalo ada yang pengen saya temuin di Indonesia selain keluarga dan sahabat, inilah random people yang semoga bisa punya kesempatan ketemu dan have time sama mereka:

1. Arief Bramantyo - the one and only him. we promised eating out at Burger King as he is now a carnivore! haha.

2. Andi Michael - udah lama ngefans sama bassist-nya Afterclass ini, sayangnya malah sempet pacaran sama gitarisnya :D

3. Arif Tirtosudiro - announcer, music director, producer radio 94,7 UFM Jakarta. Aduh mak suaranyaa!!!!

4. Chairun Rezki - best friend of the century, semacam mau menggila sama dia gitu ya!! lots to tell banget deh!

5. Jane Amelia - oh god, she's everything; fashion advisor, eat mate, shopping partner, love sharer! everything!

6. Randhy Fazralimanda - the doctor, the brother, the crazier, the hero, the man!

7. Boce Maniek - dari jaman belum ke Leeds, doi pengen banget drop gue di bandara, sayang sekali waktu belum mengizinkan. hihi.

8. Ayyi Ramadhini - my superb inspiration! she's always awesome and charming. biar ngadap tapi aing suka!! hahaha.

9. Florencia Tavares - cici kesayanganku, pintar, menarik DAN JOMBLO!! aku kangen ngobrol sama cici he!

10. Lenggogeni - mamanya si mantan yang sudah kuanggap mamaku sendiri! she is incredible! i missed her a lot!

yang nggak kesebut jangan marah! lots of people i cannot mention here, but trust me, you all are engraved in my heart, and I missed you as much as I missed them :D
wait for me Indonesia :)

Eropa sejuta cerita.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Malam terakhir di Espagna,
Seperti haus bercerita,
Ratusan jam berlalu tanpa rekan setara,
Rasanya baru kemarin apply visa,
Sekarang sudah siap trip kedua.

Eropa, sensasinya penuh makna.
Isyarat sang Penguasa.

Saya banyak diam dalam bicara,
Bukan habis bahan ucapan,
Tapi ingin lagi melihat apa yang cenderung terlewat.
Sepintas saya tertawa, lalu earphone di sepasang telinga memicu air mata.

Pergi sama master di bidang transport ini kualitasnya nggak sebanding sama master di bidang planologi, sosiologi, arkeologi, filosofi, politik maupun theologi. Pun saya tetap belum enggan bersyukur, seperti Tuhan masih terus mau membisikkan kehadirannya di sela hembusan nafas dan detakan nadi saya.

Seperti ada yang hilang saat angin mengeringkan basah air wudhu di kening saya. Tapi selalu mengembun di pergelangan tangan kiri, menari mengayunkan imajinasi tentang Ilahi.

Tentang misteri, yang selalu saya cari.
Eropa, sejuta cerita.

Arief Bramantyo and Train de Vie

Monday, 11 June 2012

I'm writing this as my train to London got stuck because of an accident somewhere near the next station. And I intend to fulfil my promise to write about my (shall I say ex-) bestfriend I have ever had in my entire life, Tyo.

I am in doubt if I really have to address our friendship as dating because I don't think I have ever felt that deep feeling to other friends no matter how close we were. Yet, we felt like we were free to fall in love for other people, while in fact I was dating 3 men when Tyo and me were still in our bestfriend-ship.

Firstly met in a theatre project Somebody Famous, where Tyo was the director and I was the cast, I didn't think that we would be more than 'director and cas'. I told Tyo lots of things and life perspective, complexity and interests. Him? He taught me how to enjoy James Iha, The Wave Pictures, Morrissey, Amy Winehouse, and other what-so-called-non-mainstream things, our talk-quality was always adorable and out exchange of imagination was, I believed, more exciting than any ordinary friendship.

Banyak yang bilang kami cocok banget sahabatan, yang satu bau yang satu tomboy. Tyo loved listening to my story about flings and boyfriends. I loved answering his two-hours phone call about his love of his life, Nandha.

I invited him eating sushi for the first time in his life, and he loved it. He's the first vegetarian who told me "gua vegetarian karena being vegetarian itu keren, phele" and I was the first to teach him French. Once he asked me how to say "i love you, nandha" in French when we were sitting in my car waiting for my boyfriend to stepped down from his work place; it was for my boyfriend's birthday and we were about to surprise him. Tyo is such a nice and helpful friend.

We once had "buku dosa" which we regularly filled in about anything. Simply anything until one day we invented the backward quizzing page. We wrote down questions on the back part of book pages and let each other answer them. It was fun, so fun that each day we were keen to see what each other wrote (or drew) in the book. That's what I called bromance.

He was too, the first and only reason why I should write my fictions online thru this blog (yeah, check out the tag 'satu desember' and you'll know that Tyo was the one who told me that it was a thrilling story for him) hence I post it here. I was too encouraged to do different things in life, once because of knowing him.

We arrived in huge fight (or at least that was how I define our arguments and constraint) when I was dating Jehan. Oh God, I wish I could describe how furious he was not knowing where was I not because he's jealous, but because my parents dislike Jehan A LOT. He was worried.

We were then drifting away, started not to return calls and ignoring texts. I hated myself then when one day I was finally on the phone with him and he calmly explained how ignorant I have been lately. I only cried when he said "nothing happened phele, everything is okay" while in fact we stopped talking to each other. But then I know, everything is not fine and we were not best friend anymore.

However now, I still remember the way he shrugged when I told him to quit smoking. I remember when we throw stupid jokes and appreciation towards each other's vulnerability. I still remember the way he carelessly wore white converse I bought him. I still cry seeing his post about Marxism and pictures about me. I even remember promising him to keep writing, in English style so I can't be those cheesy writers who write poem in dramatic phrase. I laughed into tears mesmerising how precious 'we' were in the past and I regret losing him.

I don't think this is healthy, but seriously, it is much harder for me to move on from my bestfriend-ship with Tyo than to move on from my exes. I wish he would one day read this and know and understand how much I missed him.
I wish he remembered me. I wish one day I could listen to his imaginary girlfriend again, no matter how crazy we would be. I miss him.

PS: he was not my boyfriend, he is more than a boyfriend to me.

seriously attached.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Today, 9 June 2012, I officially registered my blog domain into I am no longer using 'blogspot' term in my web address and this means I need to seriously write from now on. Paid domain name is the most ridiculous thing I have ever had so far in my life. I mean, who does even open my web page but spam and random tracking search result from Google? HAHAHA. I am keen to it from now, so beware if you really are the loyal reader of my blog.

"Stalking and researching have a slight difference, as well as flattered and annoyed."

Beware and enjoy!

Poisonous Love (via Tumblr)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

I meant to post this story here, but it turns out Tumblr is more accessible from my Blackberry. Enjoy!

the multitasker with one heart

Sunday, 3 June 2012

my mom is a multitasker. she cooks, she dances, she sings and she acts.
she drives, she teaches, she cleans, she washes, she does almost everything.
it might be different than my dad's, but my love to her is just as big as her sacrifice to the family.

she definitely does everything but three things:
betraying her god,
betraying her husband,
and producing cement.

she totally rocks.
her smile is the warmest welcome i have ever felt when i'm too exhausted from school.
her cook is the most delicious compared to dad's office catering.
her voice is the softest we all ever heard every morning from the kitchen.
her prayer is the best amongst all the most beautiful wish ever happened in this earth.

god have put her in the best place in everyone's heart.
and no one would ever hate her no matter how annoying she is sometimes when she's flipped out.
she definitely does everything.
i love my mom, a multi tasker with one heart.