Surat Terbuka Untuk Motorbikers

Friday, 21 February 2014

Dari lubuk hati yang paling dalam,

Dear Motorbikers,

The idea of naik motor memang cepat, efisien, irit dan reliable, I get it. Tapi kadang kalian lupa (atau sengaja) dan mengabaikan hak pengguna jalan lainnya. Bahkan gak jarang juga kalian membahayakan diri sendiri dan orang lain.

You like to nyelip dan nyalip, which menurut gue nggak masalah, that's the essence of naik motor, asal kalian paham, empati dan bisa menyikapi hak pengguna jalan lainnya; pejalan kaki, pengendara mobil, pesepeda, dan sebagainya. Kalian sering melakukan pelanggaran di bawah ini (unranked):

- gak pake helm
- boncengan melebihi kapasitas
- nerobos lampu merah
- ngambil jalur busway dan trotoar pedestrian
- jalan di lajur lawan arah
- motong jalan atau masuk ke verbodden area
- nyikut atau nyerempet body mobil atau lengan pejalan kaki saat nyelip
- ngelewatin garis putih saat berhenti lampu merah

dan berbagai pelanggaran lainnya yang bikin gue ngelus dada dan banyak istighfar, sambil terus mencoba memahami jalan pikiran kalian. Honestly, gue juga dulu pengendara motor, trust me I know excuses like:

"ya panas tauk kalo lo nunggu lampu merah jadi ijo" (padahal jumlah detiknya juga gak sampe dua tau tiga menit)
"ya buru-buru gimana dong?!" (padahal kalian naik motor dan akan lebih cepet sampai anyway)
"lagian orang itu gak mau minggir, bikin macet aja" (tanpa mengingat bahwa orang itu bisa kesenggol sama salipan kalian)
"ah, trotoar sepi ini bisalah gue lewat" (padahal kalian kesel juga kalo kalian yang jalan kaki dan ada motor seliweran dari arah depan kalian)

dan alasan lainnya untuk membuktikan dan meningkatkan efektivitas dan efisiensi penggunaan waktu kalian di atas motor di jalanan, trust me, once again, gue tau perasaan dan pikiran itu.

But then, kalian lupa bahwa di depan garis putih yang kalian langgar itu adalah hak penyebrang jalan; anak sekolah, pedagang buah, ibu hamil, kakek tua, dan pejalan kaki lainnya yang kalo kalian ambil jalan atau haknya, mereka kesusahan dan bahkan ada dalam bahaya (I tried to sound not exaggerating this but really it's dangerous). Kalian juga mungkin lupa, bahwa dalam jalur busway atau lajur lawan arah yang kalian ambil itu adalah hak penumpang Transjakarta dan kendaraan lain yang juga punya kepentingan dan mungkin tujuan hidup sama dengan kalian. Kalian juga lupa bahwa di balik setiap body mobil dan siku yang kalian garuk atau senggol dengan stang kalian, adalah umpatan dan rasa sakit atau claim asuransi lecet dari makhluk yang punya emosi sama seperti kalian; manusia.

Bahkan, kelalaian terbesar kalian adalah pada diri kalian sendiri; berkendara tanpa helm dan beberapa malah membonceng anak-anak dan istri/perempuan yang melebihi kapasitas motor kalian. Belum lagi kalian yang ngebut tanpa jaket atau helm di jalan raya. Gosh, do you know how cruel you are to yourselves?

STOP using excuses like "ya gimana kami cuma punyanya motor, gak sanggup beli mobil…"
atau "ah deket ini ngapain pake helm, pelan kok jalannya"
atau "baru belajar motor nih cuma di dalem kompleks doang kok.."
dan sebagainya yang deep down in your heart kalian tau itu riskan dan mencelakakan banyak orang termasuk diri kalian sendiri.

To be fair, pengendara mobilpun banyak kok yang asshole dan bahkan beberapa dari kalian menganggap pengendara mobil juga nggak kalah egois dan nggak empati. Gue juga paham, infrastruktur kita dan beberapa peraturan emang malah terlihat dan terasa menyusahkan. However, kita nggak bisa kan menyalahkan dan terus membandingkan keadaan, kemampuan atau pilihan kita di jalanan. Yang kita bisa cuma bagaimana caranya menjaga keamanan, keselamatan dan kenyamanan bersama sesama pengguna jalan.

Through this letter, you may not all have any chance to open or read this, but I just want to spill it out: cobalah untuk berempati dan bersabar lebih lagi supaya suasana kondusif dan keamanan serta keselamatan di jalanan bisa terwujud. Nggak bisa mungkin untuk memangkas habis kemacetan, nggak mungkin juga gue suruh kalian sabar sabar di tengah panasnya kota dan saat macet, tapi tolong, I beg you to, sedikit lagi, pay more attention and be more aware of what effect your action can cause. Please. Be more patient and empathic to other road users. If you think you've tried, well done, let's try harder.

Hereby, gue mengakui kelalaian gue terkadang saat lagi capek nyetir dan macet, serta sekalian menyatakan niat gue untuk lebih sabar dan lebih empati lagi dengan semua pengguna jalan. Let's do our best untuk menjaga lalu lintas dan keamanan bersama di jalan.

Best regards,
Pengguna jalan yang kebetulan naik mobil dan sesekali angkot.

***namanya juga surat terbuka, dilakukan syukur, dibaca saja mahsyur, ga dibaca ya akur.

On Being Famous

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

It is important to be famous. I'll tell you why.

1. You're inspiring many people. There are these people who retweet your posts, quote your stupid sentences, use your theory, put your pictures or posters in their room, even a die-hard-fan who will always makes time see you, and also those who go fight for you when haters come, it's because they (even though they don't know you personally, but they) adore you so much. For you who do care about how improved and inspired their life might be, it must be a great pleasure to be such "idol", then you get all the credits, love, gifts, gratitude, etc etc. So fun!

Sir Isaac Newton; 3 Laws of Motion

2.  That "oh, you are....." moment when you suddenly appear or show up in any place anywhere. They gasp! In front of you, behind you, anywhere. You imagine all the "oh, she/he is....." whispers and talk, and when it comes to the right moment... ta-daaa~ all access, VIP seats, priority, first class, special treatment, and many other things are all yours once you're seen on the spot. The perks of being famous, eh? Forget the bad reputation, you've got the spotlight!

Anna Wintour; permanent front-rower of world's fashion show

3. Probably there will always be haters who criticise, condescend, envious, jealous, and build an anti-you website just to discuss (and recruit people to join their) hatred towards you. But still, you're so adorable, shown off, widely exposed and hearth-robbing figure who they cannot stand to not find a single flaw you may have. They forget for a while that you're a human and to gain that fandom, they think you must be perfect. While actually you're not, and in fact, you have flaws, YOUR HATERS BLOODY STRESS IT and shout it out loud to fellow haters. For a second, think about how amazing your publication and exposure (and mistake) have been that they're willing to talk about you and you and your flaws only. People hate you and you enjoy it. Sweet haters huh?
the love and hate of Agnes Monica's current fame and controversies.

4.You make friends with famous (and make the infamous become famous) creatures and this gives you more and more chances to enjoy living without (or probably more) pressure. People will recognise you and your company that they won't only give you more and more, but also eventually help you out when you're in trouble (for any mean and intention they're expecting by helping you). Well, you may be a great solitary, independent, and introvert individual that you don't think you're gonna need anyone really. But sometimes, let's just accept the fact that social life and friendship are two important and beneficial things in life. So DOUBLE UP YOUR FAME!!!
the legendary NBA bromance; Parsons-Lin

5. Death matters to famous people. No matter how bad the cause is or how your famous living has been, people will always have sympathy, Google the news, make a tribute-to concert, and some even say "you will be missed". When you die, you die in fame and the world cares. Let's just assume the (good) prayers those people say are all granted by God, man you're in heaven!!!
Heroin over-dosed Cory Monteith

i'll tell you why

Monday, 17 February 2014

embedding instagram code was one of the most challenging and irritating to me all day today.
i was whining and struggling with a code i got from instagram website to put such badge into my blog here. but i failed. it was not a url, i could not copy-paste it. it was a html code and i did not find any template nor a space to copy-paste it anywhere in blogger.

my friend, ifi, and i were cursing the format of blogger. blogger is not as easy as wordpress (or something ifi mentioned) or other blog providers. sigh.

why does this matter? i'll tell you why.

i've been living in a stupidity of technology for 12 years. i was the least active person in technology, internet and computer development. fortunately, my environment encouraged (and forced) me to at least understand and getting an up-to-date technology and gadget news. 

there, with my apple gadgets, my (a little bit) decent not so bad internet access and connection, in fact, got me into a sophisticated materials and aesthetic side of technology (boyfriend's gonna assume this as "paling maksut kamu online shop, social media sama gosip" since i cannot (or my boyfriend would again say "bukan ga bisa, kamu aja males") even figure out how to download a movie from torrent etc etc). well if you open my pinterest page, you'll see "technology" board on it, filled in the beauty of technology and its design.

ok, anyway,
the instagram embedded code that i failed, would actually connect you (or us, or me) to the page where i captured my silly and, ahem, artistic moments in life. well no. okay, i was just trying to utilise technology to show off and brag about my low level ability of using technology. lol.

don't get yourself into serious stuff, safe the serious stuff for later because life is a daring adventure.
what? were you really expecting to see and read any interesting thoughts here in this particular post? uh oh, you're in a big mind-set trouble.

see the blog title? :)

Ten things I really really really miss about England.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

You see? I wrote the word "really" three times for missing England sooooo much.

10. Free medication and health service. From flu, twisted ankle, fever and even justified and legal abortion. all for free as long as you're holding the righteous visa or residence permit.

9. Pollution-free jogging track. Either park, jogging track, or main street; there's no reason to not run in England. Everywhere.

8. Fantastic education facilities. I've seen a little part of British Education Boards; libraries, campuses, classrooms, lecture theaters, laboratories, driving simulator, name it! England's one of the best cities for students to learn!

7. Primark. This is the inspiration:  I LOVE PRIMARK!

6. Reliable public transport. Okay the price is sometimes tricky and over-expensive, but then again if you're smart and patient enough, you'll get the most reasonable prices for a reliable, on-time and fast transportation facilities.

5. Quick and helpful customer services. They value politeness, efficiency and customer satisfaction in any field of service and complaints. They even sometimes offer you extra-miles to make everything easier and effective for you.

4. Arts museum and tourism sites. There's no way I can get enough of travelling around the UK, museums, performances, theatres, restaurants, amusement parks, cultural centres, beaches, and many many more from North to South of England (and Ireland)

3. The accent. Do I need to elaborate on the fanciest English accent in the world? It just sounds so intellectual, classy and elegant. Set aside the jokes and hatred around it, but I gotta admit, I love The British Accent.

2. Foggy breath on early winter. This is probably the silliest part that I have to confess; I love breathing on early winter and laugh at the smoke it causes. I just don't have it in my home country, please mind my excuse. lol

1. Football hysteria. OH MY GOD! THIS IS HEAVEN ON EARTH! The spectacles, the teams, the chants, the goosebumps, the trophy, the tour, the stadium, the history, the spirit. EVERYTHING about football begins and fulfilled in England.