Press Freedom and National Security

Saturday, 30 May 2015

All I'm saying is, if media have the right to tell the public and play their role to inform, educate, entertain and persuade, it is merely justifiable to expose what they see on their field job. However, some countries insist to have limitations for media freedom to cover and tell only good things about the government.

I'd just refer back to the classic contradictory debate. Utilitarian media, controlled and monitored closely by the government create a press practice that's guided and not free. The result is national comfort. No watchdog to promote critics, no views to explore improvements, neither a tool and power to gain collective agreement on law enforcement. Assuming that no bad thing happens in a country (very unlikely) but is good news everything people want to see? Aren't humans craving sensations and change? Here, press limitation and regulation should be reconsidered.

On the other hand, l strongly suggest careful control and freedom for liberalitarian sort of media system. People can really (and have) overuse their what-so-called-right to justify their actions even when it comes to breaking another rights. The media, per se, their strongest shield is public sphere where opinions are gathered, and triggered, obviously. These opinions, are in times the driver, and other times a result of what media tell. Provocation, for instance, is the modest form of press freedom result. Let alone within a society that receives less education and only a little media literacy skill (if it has ever defined as one).

Law? Legal? Media regulation?
Press Council.
This independent organisation is the benchmark of media practice in a country, and with the correspondence and cooperation with government, as well as non-profit social organisation to make sure both sides are catered and protected.

Cie dewan pers wkwkwk

Let's just say

Friday, 29 May 2015

I live for another half of my age now. 52.
I have survived high school, the craziness of college years, the struggle of working under pressure, the prestigious masters degree, a merit title, a decent job, a dozen of exes, Harry Potter evolution, Steve Jobs death, the immaculate study experience, and an hour sitting with butter beer, a cute guy and feminism popularity.

Another 26 years of my live, might as well another cycle of life and love. Perhaps an achievement, perhaps my parents satisfactory comment of my life choice, or a few friends who stay.

The remaining hours I have in this life, well hypothetically, if I knew, would be the best remaining hours I would spend. I don't know, making stupid decisions, taking wrong paths, being good to strangers, slapping self in public, giving more to the needy, and probably playing more games on my phone.

For the past five months, I have learnt loads of stuff about how to survive life crisis and mental disorder problem, not to mention the heartbroken healing progress. You know, it's never hard for a girl like me to disguise what I hide. It takes extra careful attention and certain nights out and in together to tell me if there's anything wrong with my mood, my eyes or why my smile isn't sincere enough for a cheerful day.

It takes bigger heart than ever to swing harder.
I flap my wings wide enough to get me to a comfortable altitude, a better view, and bigger vision and a wider wisdom.

It takes you to keep me sane, between this senseless surroundings and all the life ridicule.

Four Months Away From .... Blindness

Friday, 22 May 2015

So it's been four months since my last break up.
It feels... indescribable.
Another time it is like relief, happy and glad at the same time.
One morning I could actually look back to Summer and Winter break I spent the year before.
Mostly it is suffocating to realise how much I have wasted in vain.
Currently living the present where everything is like a dream come true.
With the shake down and awakenings though, but still worth it.
I live my dreams everyday and everything goes very smooth.
I have moved on
Despite the pain and memories that keep playing in my head, I have moved on.
I have moved on to a more beautiful reality.

These days are like gift God's gave me. And I am much more grateful than ever.