januari, is it?

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

so this is 2010 people..
i guess i gotta write more this year.. not particularly here,
but more in my thesis and thesis...

funny, because i thought being lazy was fun.
hell no!
i call myself a geek, a workaholic geek who hates being jobless.
i get even more curious of what those people who love to pend are thinking about life and time.

i don' know.
i still call myself a geek.
i often wondered about how far will i be in this head,
because i have never achieved anything to prove that i am alive.

i guess there are more geek people then me.
yes, these people who brought trophy or bass to their home
and loudly shout "i win" by their eyes.

i wish i could do so,
but probably my best shout is thru twitter or facebook,
yea, with sarcastic version of "i win"
which apparantly does not counted as "winning"

i laugh myself about a dream,
i dream almost everynight,
and feel the euphoria everytime i open and close my eyes.
dreaming is a wonderful activity to do,
having a nightmare either.

i would choose not to sleep if it provided me with no dreaming.
you know..
this type of sleep that requires your eyes to close
and that's it.
not fun.