About Me

I started writing since 2006 and have not really determined myself to express my ideas into any medium until I was introduced to this amazing blogging site on 2008 by my terribly good friend-brother-inspiration Innue. Most of my writings are just a shout out of what I may not be able to express in my daily verbal expression. True, at some point you are going to find my beautiful expression "I write what I don't talk, I talk what I can't write". Dips! Some of the writings are story inspired by my alter-ego, dreams, accidental eavesdrops and many other rebellious notions.

Some people testified that my writings are always blue and melancholy, continually assume it as my 'real inside', which is ridiculous. Well, I could not disagree with what they thought. Inasmuch people who may have other judgement and preferences, I believe sometimes people cannot really define me by my impulsive and randomised writings. However, assumptions are always justifiable, might as well the theses were aimed to be proven. Ergo, certain emotions are sometimes exaggeratively disguise-able, and one always attempts to both undertake so or figure them out, deliberately or not.

Do I really have to write about me in this About Me section? I doubt it, I dissolve myself to be judged and presumed by anyone, implying the freedom of thoughts, hence the freedom of expression. Blimey! I started to sound mysterious, which actually I am not, at all! And please excuse my mixed Indonesian and English in some fictions; trust me, I'd die trying to write consistently no matter how painful it is to translate several phrases from English to Indonesian. I have no target audience, and my readership is beyond any expectations an erratic writer like me could have. Do enjoy :)

No one can resist to hold themselves calling new media as the effect (or modern application) of imperialism. Been expressing myself quite much here: